Season One, Episode Two
First Aired January 17, 2012
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Auditions is the second episode of the First Season of Glee: The New Generation.


The Episode opens with Santana carrying her books and walking at the halls, She met a lonely girl whom is claimed to be Remy.
Santana walks towards Remy
"Hi, my name is Santana, Santana Lopez" Santana talking to Remy.
Skye hitted Remy and Skye pushed Remy on the locker.

"What the hell is your f*cking problem, Demi Lovato?" said Skye and Remy said "Demi is a good singer by the way", Annoyed Skye pulls Remy and slaps her.
Remy immedietly slaps back and screams at Skye, "ADAM! Your poor Adam died on a car crash" Skye punches Remy on her stomach.
Santana runs and attacks Skye by pushing her on the locker.
"How dare you?" ask Tiffany as she points at Santana, Santana grabs Tiffany and throws her towards the locker.
Principal Williams came and screams at them to stop the violence.

Santana remembers her fight with Quinn and Brittany screamed at them, STOP THE VIOLENCE.
Meanwhile at the Principal's office Santana, Skye and Tiffany are all arguing about the fight.
Skye blamed Remy for hitting on her but Santana defended Remy and said that Remy is innocent.
Santana explained what happen and Williams made his final decision that both Skye and Tiffany will be punished.

Santana said to Williams that she will be starting a glee club, Williams thinks and tells Tiffany that she will be joining the club until sectionals.
Tiffany got mad and goes out of the office.
Williams said that Skye will be suspended for a week.
Skye said that they had a text on friday, Williams said it was his final decision that she was suspended.

Skye talked to Tiffany but Tiffany ignores her.
Later at the auditorium, Santana sits and Remy walks on the stage.
"Hi, I'm Remy Dawn Parkinson and I'll be auditioning Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics".
Remy sings her song, Santana gives a applause and said she was accepted since she was the first one to audition and the "only" one.
"You are wrong" a voice was heard by Santana and Remy, a mascular guy came and walks on the stage, "My name is Preston Benz but i don't like it so call me Quinn" said Preston. 

"I'm Preston Carson Wentworth Sterling but you can call me Quinn, I'll be auditioning So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold".
Remy and Santana gave him an applause, while Quinn is singing someone came and shouts.
"The Most Stupid singer i've ever heard" said and Quinn decided to go down the stage and confront the girl.
"Who the hell do you think you are?" Quinn said angrily at the girl.
"I'm Taylor Johnson, the school's best singer and i can beat you" Taylor said.
"Come on, show us you're talent" Quinn said angrily.

"I'm Taylor Johnson and I'll be singing What The Hell by Avril Lavigne" and Taylor started to sing.
Quinn was totally amazed on her voice, after the performance Santana and Remy give her an applause and Taylor bows.
"I admit that you have a good voice but you can't beat me." Quinn said jealously, "I can beat you, actually i beat you now." Taylor said.
Santana stops the fight between Quinn and Taylor and asked if the three of them can help her to post some posters on the hall for auditions.

The Four started to start to post some posters, Three jocks James Foreman, Aaron Wright and Jason Story came and picks up Quinn.
"Let him go!" Santana shouted at them, James said that he didn't want to let him go so Santana kicks his balls.
James let Quinn go and Quinn run towards Remy and Remy hugs him tightly, Remy asked if Quinn is okay.
Santana slaps James and James said she was "Strong", Santana ignores him and the three jocks leaves.
Santana asked Quinn if he was okay, Quinn said he was fine and jokes that James is hot.

Someone came and tells Santana she wanted to audition, Santana said sure if she really wants.
The scene shoots the girl on the auditorium with only one light open, She stands straight and holds the microphone.
"My name is Saphire and I'll be auditioning So What by P!nk" and Saphire started to sing, Quinn applauses even Saphire' performance is not finished.
As Saphire finished, They gave her an applause and Quinn walks on the stage and congratulates Saphire on her audition.
Saphire is really glad that they like her audition except for Taylor who is jealous of Saphire and Taylor runs outside.

A man came on the auditorium and starts to shout, "Is Somebody out there?" and a voice replied "Yes".
"I'm here because i used to hit someone on his face and this is my punishment"
"I'm Tiffany well i guess we are the same, i'm because this is my punishment" Tiffany said.
Santana came, "My Boyfriend and I are both here to sing!" Tiffany pointing at the guy who is claimed to be Aaron Wright, the school's badass.
"Okay, sing so that i'm not going to get embarassed on sectionals" Santana aid rudely on Tiffany.
Tiffany claps happily and Aaron plays his guitar.
They Both Sing I'm Yours, Santana watches it and thinks that they both have talents.
Tiffany and Aaron finished the song, Santana said they are both accepted.

A Guy entered and goes on the stage "I'm Franklin and i'm going to audition Marilyn Monroe by Nicki Minaj".
"Dude, are you gay?" Aaron asked, "No i'm not said Franklin" well you're audition song is for girl not a boy" Aaron replied.
Franklin starts to sing, Santana and Tiffany are amazed and gies him an applause while Aaron still thinks that he was gay.
Franklin finished his song and Santana happily said that Franklin is accepted. 
Franklin is glad and gives Tiffany and Santana a hug and which Aaron used to be jealous.


  • Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics sung by Remy Parkinson
  • So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold sung by Preston Benz
  • What The Hell by Avril Lavigne sung by Taylor Johnson
  • So What by P!nk. Sung by Saphire Paradise
  • I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. Sung by Tiffany Smith and Aaron Wright
  • Marilyn Monroe by Nicki Minaj. Sung by Franklin Montgomery


  • Ben Stiller as Principal Williams
  • Heather Morris as Brittany Pierce 
  • Thomas McDonnell as Aaron Wright
  • Jack Harries as James Foreman
  • Aly Michalka as Saphire Paradise