Jason Story
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General Information
First Appearance Auditions
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Aliases TBA
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 Jason Story is a main character on Ilovehunterclarington's fanfic, Glee: The New Generation. He is currently a sophomore at Louisville University

Jason is portrayed by Cody Longo.


Jason is very nice. He tends to play things cool, and isn't very dramatic. Lots of people go to him for advice, because he is very smart and honest. Jason is supportive of everyone, and tends to be a rock for most of his friends. He is kind of quiet, and doesn't talk about himself much. Because Jason often ignores himself and his needs, he doesn't follow his dreams avidly, which is why he ended up with a cheerleading scholarship at The University of Louisville when he deserves to be in LA or New York.


Jason grew up and went to high school in Washington. Jason's parents, both very wealthy and successful, paid for him to get singing, acting, and dancing classes, so he grew up as a talented star-in-the-making. However, his high school did not have a glee club, so he chose to vent his theatricality through another outlet- cheerleading on the high school squad, which his aunt coached. He turned out to be a very good cheerleader, and was offered a full ride to the University of Louisville. He chose to go there instead of auditioning for NYADA or another school, and is now entering his second year. Although he would rather be somewhere else singing or acting, he continues to go to the UoL and stay safe instead of taking risks.